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Thinking of a trip to Las Vegas? A trip to Las Vegas is incomplete without visiting its amazing casinos. It is known as the casino capital of the US. The snapping of shuffling cards, the clatter of tossed dice, the clicking of a roulette wheel, the spinning of a slot machine, a whispered prayer for 21 – this is the music of Las Vegas. These top four casinos lead the way in style, sophistication and excitement!The Bellagio
The Bellagio, is one of the famous casino hotels that you should not miss on your Las Vegas trip. Over-indulgence is a word that’s not in the Bellagio’s dictionary. The Bellagio will soothe your senses, at least until you hit the game floor, where the adrenaline kicks into overdrive! It’s operated by the MGM Mirage, The Bellagio have 3982 rooms and suites with supreme comfort, style and a great view. Additionally to its casinos, this gigantic mega resort also have a theatre, some lounges and beautiful bars like the Fontana Bar, Allegro Bars and the Nectar Bar.Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino
For returning guests in Las Vegas, Mandalay Bay is a favourite vacation spot. It is a top-notch resort that will provide you with a relaxing time away from home. It’s one of the classiest hotels with luxury features like; exciting casino, dozens of restaurants, health club, huge pool, spa, bars and fitness centre. This hotel casino is a spacious and flowing resort, with the best rooms to match. The casino tables are geared more to the high roller, with many celebrities gracing its halls.The MGM Grand
The MGM Grand is the largest casino of the Las Vegas with over 3,500 slots and 165 game tables. The giant game floor is always buzzing with excitement. MGM Grand is located on the strip with the dividing of Flamingo Road and also while arriving at McCarran International Airport. It is an advantage of this casino situated on Las Vegas prime location; The MGM Grand offers a simple access through a monorail which connects the airport as well as to the other casinos like the Flamingo and Bally’s.Caesars Palace
Transport yourself back to the age of Roman dominance as you step into the lavish Caesars Palace. The casino’s a mixture of grand Roman styling, like marble columns and spacious ceilings and it’s approachable by all degrees of players. Its located in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip and here you will be in the heart of all the action. This hotel has it all – a casino, shopping centre, entertainment galore, pool and exciting nightlife.

Famous Fremont Street – Experience Casinos in Las Vegas – vegas Casino

Las Vegas, Nevada, is the most famous city for gambling in the world. The city of Las Vegas used as a scene in several Hollywood movie productions and TV shows. Since the early 1990s the Las Vegas Boulevard, also called the Strip, has become the centre of tourism and gambling. Then many hotels and wellness resorts opened their doors at the Strip. As a result, the hotel and casino managers from the city center of Nevada decided to build a new attraction in order to make their Hotels and Casinos more attractive. As a result was born the idea of the Fremont Street Experiment (FSE).The Fremont Street plays an important role in the history of gambling and entertainment in Las Vegas. In 1906 the first Las Vegas hotel opened its doors- the Hotel Nevada. The Northern Club got the first gambling license. Today an association of ten Downtown Nevada Casinos and Hotels manage the Downtown attraction FSE. The largest casino and hotel resort at the FSE is the Golden Nugget. The casino area for gaming is 38,000 square foot. Originally, it was built in 1946 and it was the first building designed as a casino in Nevada. During the last few years, the Golden Nugget was renovate and recently is expanding its capacity by building a new hotel tower. In the lobby of the Golden Nugget is display the world’s largest nugget of gold found by a metal detector called the Hand of Faith (27,21 kilograms). It was in 1980 established by Kevin Hillier in Australia and later was sold to the Golden Nugget Las Vegas Casino.The oldest and the smallest hotel at the FSE is the Golden Gate Hotel and Casino. It was the first hotel that was opened in Las Vegas. In 1907, one year after the opening, the first telephone of the entire city was installed at the hotel, which was called Nevada Hotel then. Thus it had the telephone number “1″. Since 1959, the biggest attraction of the casino was invented, the shrimp cocktail. During the last 50 years, the shrimp cocktail has become the signature attraction of this FSE casino.The world’s largest slot machine located in a 40,000 square foot gambling area is the key attraction of the Four Queens, another FSE Hotel and Casino. Since the opening in 1966, the casino has expanded several times. The latest attraction is opening the first casino club in the city center.The Fitzgeralds is another one of the famous casinos in the city center of Las Vegas casinos. The hotel is located in 34 floors building at the FSE. The theme of the casino is “The luck of the Irish” including the famous leprechaun mascot and shamrocks. Almost 1000 slot machines and 29 gaming tables are located in the 42,000 square foot of the casino.